To understand babies with colic and be able to treat or care for them it is important to take a little time to understand their sensory, physical, emotional and intellectual needs and developmental stages. Colic is generally digestion or care based and therefore fully treatable. Our staff are trained and experienced in spotting and treating the possible causes.

Colicky Baby Care group


Babies are very sensitive to strong smells especially chemically based perfumes and deodorants which can cause babies to suffer from headaches and nausea. Aromatherapy can successfully help when treating many ailments naturally including colic.


Wrapping babies up in a soft little blanket (swaddling) makes them far easier to hold and offers them a sense of familiarity after the security the physical boundaries of the womb offered.

Babies need gentle, guiding, confidence in a carers touch and handling.


Overly bright light can cause little babies to become irritable giving them headaches; this includes bright sunshine and long periods of TV watching. Try enlarging a favorite photo of baby and placing it in their room in a prominent position to connect to through difficult nights. This can be a true help.


Breast feeding mothers need to be aware of the shared effects of their diet. For example many root vegetables can cause intense wind pains to babies while certain herbs can help to sweeten the milk and calm the digestion. Babies often mistake indigestion for hunger spacing out feeds helps to avoid colic, allowing time for the baby to digest. To prevent indigestion ensure really good feeds and sufficient awake/play times and sleeps between feeds.


Our verbal/audible reactions to situations teaches and guides babies in understanding their experiences, in this way we can settle, calm, reassure and encourage baby.

Babies find noise reassuring when they sleep after being used to the reassuring sounds of the womb around them.

Mother’s intuition

Listen to your maternal instincts, if you feel there is something wrong with baby there probably is.
Strike a balance between listening to your baby communicating their needs and trusting your own wisdom, experience and judgment.

Setting the mood

Never underestimate the power of positive suggestive thinking and your ability to guide your baby with your emotional, physical and mental reactions.
Calm, confident, happy parents = Calm, confident, happy babies

Final thoughts

Bring back the age - old favorites like rocking chairs, lullabies and carrying baby around in your arms etc and discard hands free care like buggies, baby seats/swings.
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