As specialist Maternity Nurses we pride ourselves on always leaving parents with contented little babies.

Each baby and family is different, we tailor our services to suit your individual needs. The daily or nightly positions are mainly to care for colicky babies by supporting parents who are caring for or treating their own colicky babies, offering parents a chance to rest or take some time for themselves. In the 24 ~ 72 hour posts we are able to assess baby’s colic, determine a suitable personal care plan and start the new care plan and treatment of baby’s colic whilst offering parents guidance and advice concerning the care for baby following their post. Our Specialist Maternity Nurse can generally treat colic within 5 days and leave parents with a contented baby but parents will still need to follow the care plan the baby has been given. We generally find that the shorter posts are well suited to confident mothers or mothers with an experienced nanny to help. A baby who has had colicky symptoms for a long time will take longer to treat. All our Specialist Maternity Nurses are happy to offer guidance and support following their posts. CCS Maternity Nurses are available to help parents to follow the care plan once baby has been treated.

Maternity Nursing