Home visits give us the opportunity to assess baby’s Colic fully and offer parents one to one guidance.

We are able to work at length and closely with the baby in their home environment giving us the time and opportunity to fully assess each baby individually. We are not only to determine their personal care needs but also to identify any possible underlying medical conditions causing or contributing to the baby’s colic which a doctor might not have recognised in a short surgery appointment. Following our assessment we will demonstrate to and guide parents through a variety of appropriate baby care techniques for the prevention and treatment of their infant’s colic. All parents are given illustrated colic care advice sheets on the day and will be sent written guidance notes and medical recommendations specific to their baby a day or two after the home visit. We highly recommend this service to parents who feel that they do have the patience and time with our support and guidance to care for and treat a baby suffering from colic. In our experience given 2 ~ 3 weeks of hard work parents will have a contented little baby and will feel a great feeling of self esteem and self confidence. CCS Maternity Nurses are also available to help parents catch up on sleep before the home visit or to support parents at night or the baby’s colic can be treated for you in longer posts.

Home Visits